Vampire Academy Movie


Inside Vampire Academy movie with author Richelle Mead

The focus of the story is to talk about the movie adaptation of the book series “Vampire Academy,” which premieres next month. Author Richelle Mead tells an interviewer what her thoughts are when it came to her book series becoming a motion picture.

The story primarily relied on text to tell the story. It also has pictures and video for the movie to help it further. It’s a basic online news article.

The strong points come from the visual elements, such as the pictures. It shows the author before any of the story content, which makes readers imagine her face as they read it. And the trailer gives the reader a taste of what to expect from the movie, as a trailer should do.

But the weak points are the blocks of text. The interview is squished into paragraphs, with a small font size. It’s hard to read on a computer screen. And it doesn’t even present the questions that she was asked. It just throws a few words to lead into the quote. I didn’t like that.

It was engaging for me,  because I am a fan of the book series and am interested in how the director will represent a series that I love. It also offers insight to how the transition from a book to a movie goes for the author, which is interesting to know.

Now, with Richelle Mead’s words to fall back on, I’m more excited to see the movie.


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