Podcast about Animated Deaths


In class, my classmates Miguel and Lauren and I decided to do a podcast over animated deaths. Yes, it’s a depressing topic, sure. Death is considered to be a very sad thing to see and talk about, especially in movies. But after talking for almost two hours over what we should talk about and looking at YouTube clips, animated deaths was the one topic that stuck with us.

The podcast focuses on the perception of death as a child versus as an adult and how that changes with time. Enjoy the podcast!

Show Notes

Introduction: :05 – :35 Miguel gives a summery for what the episode is about

How has your perception changed:

  • 00:35 – 01:38 Lauren
  • 01:38 – 01:51 Miguel
  • 01:51 – 02:28 Dinalee

Difference between movie and cartoon deaths:

  • 02:29 – 03:01 Lauren
  • 03:01 – 03:39 Dinalee
  • 03:39 – 04:34 Lauren/Dinalee go back and forth
  • 04:34 – 04:56 Miguel talks about crying

It depends on your country:

  • 04:57 – 05:56 Dinalee

Thanks for listening:

  • 05:56 – 06:06 Miguel that was rude

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